Ruzo is a crowd-sensing platform that allows urban explorers to both collect and analyze data together, in an effort to detect meaningful patterns of relations between everyday phenomena. The aim of the platform is to enable its participants through interactive data visualization to intuitively explore statistic-based relationships in the data collected by the community. Ruzo users join different data collection campaigns according to what they find meaningful in their daily routines and their ways of life. The resulting process of collective computation holds the potential for revealing unexpected ties between phenomena we usually perceive as being disconnected, and calls attention to new perceptions of our living environment.

OREN ZUCKERMAN, PhD, is founder and co-director of the Media Innovation Lab at IDC, Herzliya. His research is at the cross of interactive technologies & human behavior, focusing on physical-digital experiences. He completed his PhD at MIT Media Lab, and was recognized as a “Technology Pioneer” by the WEF. Recently he received with a team of researchers the prestigious Israeli Excellence Center grant for “Education in a New Information Society”.

ORAN PERETZ is a master student and a research assistant at IDC’s Media Innovation Lab. He holds a BA in Computer Science, and is heading the development of the Ruzo platform. Oran loves to build things in his spare time, especially robots, and is an avid supporter of kickstarter projects. During his BS studies, he was part of the “Serenity” project team, a therapeutic mobile platform that enables self-measurement in cases of anxiety or stress.

ORAD WEISBERG is a Product Manager at IDC’s Media Innovation Lab, and is heading the product management & design aspects of the Ruzo platform. He holds a BA in Interactive Communications, and is the head of “Project Scratch Israel”, an initiative that give children and educators tool to create and invent using  technology. During his BS studies, he was part of the “Serenity” project team.

RICARDO TARRASCH, PhD, is an expert in advanced statistical analyses, and is consulting to the Ruzo team on the statistical aspects of the platform. Ricardo’s research fields include Neurologic and psychological effects of mindfulness and Implementation of neuroscience research in educational programs. He is a faculty member at Tel-Aviv University, at the Jaime and Joan Constantiner School of Education as well as the Sagol School of Neuroscience.