LangWidgets composes a set of interactive physical widgets and a graphical interface to allow us to wander through semantic fields, as if they were a geographical surface.
The suggested interface examines how acquired conventions of navigation can be implemented as a translation instrument. It enables us to browse through the conceptual relations between words in foreign languages. The goal is to find a visual and technological solution that will allow users to experience and internalize the structure of new vocabulary through their senses rather than memorizing it. The research aims to induce synesthesia between our verbal cognition and our orientation skills; to provide a path for sensory understanding of foreign language and culture.

ALISA GOIKHMAN (B. 1984) is an Israeli designer and a media artist. She graduated with honors from the Visual Communication Department at the Bezalel Academy. Her thesis was awarded for excellence and outstanding achievement in design. She was an intern at the Interaction Lab in HIT and worked as a teaching assistant at the Bezalel Academy. In 2012 she was awarded the Sandberg Research Grant by the Israel Museum. Today Goikhman lives and works in Berlin. [PORTFOLIO]