frankie is a documentary robot that interviews people, attempting to “learn” what it means to be human. It responds to certain emotions both with language and “eye/camera” movements, creating computer-generated, emotion-inspired videos. The video documentation is available online, forming an archive of the robot’s research. frankie is a form of “automatic” documentation that allegedly excludes the artist as an author, questioning notions of representation and participation. A well-exposed surveillance camera, it brings to the surface issues of agency, control and privacy, questioning how they affect us in a world in which every second is documented and mediated. It reflects upon our relationships with the machines that dominate our lives, and the manner in which we perform and present ourselves in the digital age.

Special thanks to ARTPORT TLV.

MAAYAN SHELEFF (B. 1976) is an independent curator. This year she participated in ARTPORT Residency, Tel Aviv, where frankie was born. She studied Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and teaches curating and social pratice at Seminar Hakibbuzim College. Until recently she was the Curator at the Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. She curated numerous projects in unique venues and in the public sphere, exploring the mediums of moving image, performance and new media.

GAL ESHEL (B. 1974) has an interdisciplinary background, educated in psychology, computer science and cinema. He Worked in Sun Microsystems and Intel as a software engineer, and as an editor in Israeli prime time television in various genres. Gal is currently splitting his time between creating prototypes for Intel and working as an independent robot creator in Tel Aviv.

ERAN HADAS (B. 1976) is a software developer, poet and new media artist from Tel-Aviv. He is the author of 5 poetry collections in Hebrew. He creates hypermedia poetry and develops software based poetry generators whose input is the internet. His fictitious female poet persona is considered to be the largest hoax in Hebrew poetry. He is a member of “Cultural Guerrilla”, a group of activist artists that accompanies social campaigns. [PORTFOLIO]